Fireside this Friday “Living Spiritually in a Material World”

Dear Friends,

The discussion evening series at my home continues this Friday 3rd May, at 8 pm, with a discussion on the topic, “Living Spiritually in a Material World,” The topic will be presented by Carola.

Spirituality and material existence seem at odds with each other. How can we tread the spiritual path with practical feet in a material world? How can we have a spiritually and materially prosperous civilization and what may that look like?

Additionally, the next five discussion evenings have been arranged.

All are welcome.

With love,

Invitation – Study Circles to Build a Better World

Study Circle header

Do you often wonder what you can do to make the world a better place?

What skills do you need to serve your community more effectively?

What are the roles of spiritual qualities such as justice, kindness, and unity in daily life?

What is prayer? What role does it play?

Do we have a spiritual purpose?

Explore these questions and many more in a study circle, formed by participants from any religion or background who meet regularly in an uplifting, spiritually empowering environment to help make the world a better place. You are invited to join us in studying Reflections on the Life of the Spirit, the first book in a sequence based on excerpts from the Bahá’í Writings, which empowers each of us to walk our own path of service.

Contact us if you would like to join!

Fireside this Friday: Comparing Scientific & Spiritual Search for Truth

Dear friends,

The fireside series at my home continues this Friday 12th April, at 8 pm, with a discussion on the topic, “Comparing methods of scientific and spiritual search for truth,” We will compare the methods of spiritual search with those of scientific search and explore how the goal/outcome of spiritual search oncludes at the point of indicating “inspired civilization” (not salvation as commonly thought). This topic is being repeated since not many friends attended last time despite an excellent presentation.
All are welcome, particularly seekers.
With love,