Soul Food April 2013 “Transformation & Renewal”

The first “Soul Food” gathering will be Saturday, 20 April 2013, from 4-5pm.  It will be held in the Latimer Room, which is in the Old Court of Clare College.  All are welcome!  Please invite your friends and colleagues.  The theme will be “Transformation and Renewal.”

Soul Food Flyer 20apr2013_small

Soul Food is a community devotional event held monthly in Cambridge and open to all.  It provides an occasion to be inspired and reflect on uplifting themes.  Our programs feature live music, audio-visual pieces, and readings from various authors, sources and Faiths—indigenous, ancient and modern—from all over the world.

Soul Food’s purpose is to inspire us to transform our lives, our neighbourhoods and communities, with actions that promote the unity and betterment of society.

View the flyer here.

Fireside this Saturday: Comparing methods of scientific & spiritual search for truth

Dear friends,

The next fireside will be this Saturday, 16th March, 5:30 pm pot-luck dinner + 7 pm talk (at Nita’s home instead of Nabil’s), with a discussion on the topic, “Comparing methods of scientific and spiritual search for truth.” We will compare the methods of spiritual search with those of scientific search and explore how the goal/outcome of spiritual search includes the point of indicating “inspired civilization” (not salvation as commonly thought).
All are welcome.

Fireside this Saturday with pot-luck dinner: Conceptualizing Oneness

Dear friends,

The next fireside will be this Saturday, 9th March, 5:30 pm pot-luck dinner + 7 pm talk, with a discussion on the topic, “Conceptualizing oneness.” The oneness of mankind is the primary teaching of the Bahá’í Faith and we will examine the implications of this teaching in our lives and our society.

All are welcome.