Talk on 4th July “Belief in Science & Belief in God”

Belief in Science & Belief in God: A Scientist’s Perspective on “New Atheism”


Talk and Q&A Session with Canadian physicist Dr. Dinesh Singh

Thursday, 4 July 2013   7.30 pm
Latimer Room, Old Court, Clare College
Trinity Lane, Cambridge CB2 1TL

The modern-day proponents of atheism, such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris have gained the public’s imagination regarding their claims that God does not exist and that organized religion is harmful to the human race.  They also claim that “no evidence” exists whatsoever to support the presence of God in human experience, suggesting on scientific grounds that the need for a Divine Creator is a “failed hypothesis.”  Furthermore, they contend that holding a belief in God is a “delusional” act with disastrous consequences for global society on multiple fronts.

According to the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh, Prophet-Founder of the Bahá’í Faith, science and religion are both complementary and necessary for the progress of humanity into the future.

In this presentation, Dr. Dinesh Singh offers interested people the opportunity to thoughtfully consider his professional and personal response to the “new atheism” of Dawkins and others with examples from theoretical physics to suggest that “belief” within science is not fundamentally different from “belief” within religion, and that the main conclusions drawn by these atheists about the science and religion debate need to be thoroughly re-examined.

Dinesh Singh, Ph.D. is a Canadian research scientist in theoretical physics at the University of Regina, Adjunct Professor at the University of Saskatchewan, and a member of the Bahá’í Faith.

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Soul Food June 2013 “Ode to Giving”

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Dear all,

The next Soul Food event will be 22 June 2013, on the theme “Ode to Giving,” a meditative reflection on service and helping others.

Latimer Room, Old Court
Clare College
Trinity Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1TL


Soul Food is a community devotional event held monthly in Cambridge and open to all. It provides an occasion to be inspired and reflect on uplifting themes. Our programs feature live music, audio-visual pieces, and readings from various authors, sources and Faiths—indigenous, ancient and modern—from all over the world.

Soul Food’s purpose is to inspire us to transform our lives, our neighbourhoods and communities, with actions that promote the unity and betterment of society.

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Fireside this Friday: “Beyond Oppression”

Dear Friends,

The discussion evening series at my home continues this Friday 7th June, at 8 pm, with a discussion on the topic, “Beyond Oppression: A Fair and United Society.”  The topic will be presented by Eric.

Oppression of diverse forms is one of the greatest obstacles to human progress. Join us to examine how oppression can be overcome in unifying and constructive ways that advance collective prosperity and well-being.

All are welcome.

With love,