Festival of Ideas: Frontiers in a Changing World

Frontiers in a changing world: Global challenges, inner transformations

Frontiers are what divide us, but also what connect us. They are the meeting point of self and other, of experience and imagination, actuality and potential. Frontiers can fence off life from its becoming, hearts from encounter, prejudices from insight, minds from curiosity. But they can also mark the junctures at which progress is possible. They are the starting points of exploration, gateways to discovery, signals to reconciliation, beginnings of transcendence, the exact places where ignorance and isolation end and contact begins.

What are the planet’s most critical frontiers today? How are they shifting? What frontiers will each of us choose to establish or break as we face the meeting and the clash, the birth and death of frontiers across the world?

A talk by Ismael Velasco. Organised by the Cambridge University Bahá’í Society as part of the Multi-Faith series for the Festival of Ideas.

Festival of Ideas

3pm – 4pm, Saturday 2 November 2013
Latimer Room, Clare College
Trinity Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1TL

Free and open to all.  Book tickets online in advance.

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